Xhtml And Css Tutorial

Xhtml, or extensible hypertext markup language, is a revision of the standard HTML programming language. XHTML is now the preferred method for building a website in part because of it’s browser compatibility. Here is a brief xhtml and css tutorial.

CSS or cascading style sheets is another programming language that can be used in conjunction with HTML. Adding CSS elements to your website gives you the ability to easily add features and elements on just one page at a time or in just one section of a page.

You can customize the pages in your website one at a time or one group can have consistent elements while another group of pages may have their own unique attributes. It’s all up to the programmer and that is why using CSS is such a popular idea, despite the learning curve.

XHTML was developed largely out of necessity and is now the preferred programming code to use. It was developed by the W3C as a transition from HTML to the more browser friendly XHMTL and is now the official standard of the web.

When the web was just starting out there were only a few web browsers, today there are many more options and it is important to make sure that no matter what browser the user prefers they will be able to view the page the way they were intended to see it.

To find quality a xhtml and css tutorial your best bet is to start right online. You can do a search using the keywords “XHTML Tutorial” “CSS Tutorial”, etc. You will no doubt find many sites that have such features.

From that point on it’s is just a matter of finding the particular tutorial that will teach you the skills at your level.

If you are an absolute beginner than that is where you will start. If you are somewhat more advanced you can probably find a tutorial that will teach you a particular aspect of CSS or XHTML.

Most sites will charge a fee, but it is usually a fairly small fee ( and it is often less expensive than it would be to go to your local community college and take a class).

In addition, you can go through an online class at your own pace. If you are in a hurry than you can go through more than one less in a day or week. It’s up to you.

You will also need a basic idea of computing skills. Simple things like cut and paste. You can use the Notepad file that comes standard on most PC’s or you can use the TextEdit feature. It’s up to you just make sure you have one or the other ready to go before you start.

Expanding your knowledge and learning more about the various elements that you can use to create a top notch website is as close as finding a xhtml and css tutorial. There are a lot of resources online. Just find the one that you like and that meets your needs and dive right in!

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