Niche Blogging Secrets To Build A Lucrative Blogging Empire

One of the latest and greatest craze on the market is niche blogging. It is being highly promoted as the next thing you need to do to make that Internet fortune you want. Many people are making money with blogging, but niche blogging should be done right so you could end up making some good cash instead of losing it.

Building Hundreds of Niche Blogs – The More, The Better?

There are some Internet marketing professionals that are advocating the “build a lot of sites and you will get rich” blogging model. There is potential in this method, but it takes a lot of work and effort to get them up and running, not to mention what is necessary to maintain these sites.

Internet marketing has hit a new low level with hundreds of people trying to crank out hundreds of websites in the shortest amount of time possible. It has become a mad scramble to get these sites up and running, and then start on the next.

Quality has taken second place to the more popular quantity, and that is why most of these sites fail.

Google is by no means stupid and still, for the most part, judges a site based on its quality and what it can supply to the end consumer. Keep this in mind as you decide how many blogs you can build.

Niche Blogging Promotions and Risks

It is no longer an Internet world of building sites and letting them sit to accumulate mass wealth. Every blog needs promotion to build it up to a level of worth. Back-linking, social networking and advertising are necessary for any blog to take a firm foothold in the search engines and maintain a high ranking.

How much time do you have to promote your niche blogs and build them to a quality level?

Let’s say you find a great keyword and you figure there is little competition. You know that you can get to the top of Google easily so you build a quick site, get a few links back to it, watch it rise and then build another.

Well, it is just a matter of time before another marketer looks at the exact same thing you did, sees that he can easily outrank the other sites (including yours), and builds a bigger and better site.

If you spend no time marketing your blogs or sites, then you will always face the risk of being knocked down by the competition. You would have to build these sites on a continuous basis to keep up with the competition.

Doesn’t that sound like a J.O.B. to you?

The Easier Way to Build a Successful Blogging Empire

There is an easier way. A way that can lead you to the road of riches. It may seem slow at the beginning; but once it has been set in place, you can have a better life without having to work on a constant panic basis.

You need to set up as many niche blogs as you can comfortably handle, without sacrificing quality and attention. You need to work out your time schedule and see how many you can reasonably build and promote at the same time.

Depending on how your time factor, this will vary. A full time marketer can reasonably start up 3-4 new sites at a time and get them rolling within a month. A part time marketer may want to handle one to two sites a month at the beginning.

Make a list of all the actions required to make a blog and promote it. How time consuming will it be? What types of advertising, promotion and back-linking do you want do to? How good are you at doing these things?

Some actions can be coordinated together so that while you are doing one site activity, you might as well be doing two. If you are doing directory submissions manually, for example, you can add two sites. Just add one and then repeat for the second.

Some people have to do things in blocks of time. They may want to spend an afternoon writing some articles, and can get 10 done at a sitting. You can easily do five of one and then five of another and then move on to the next project.

Once you have figured out how much time a blog needs on a weekly basis, you can figure out how many to build. As they mature, you can step back a bit and build new ones. You can sell the ones that don’t do well, and keep the ones that do, to free up more time to build more.

By keeping your focus on quality sites, you can get high listings in the search engines, and maintain them. Taking the time to put together a few top-notch blogs will be a bigger payoff than by stacking up a hundred or so garbage sites for the future.

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