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Advertise your banner with our site. Various sizes and positions available.
Position 1: Replace Top side bar image on article category specific page with yours – 1 week for $25. 2 weeks for $45. 3 weeks for $65. 1 month for $85.
Position 2: Your banner on Main page side bar – second most visible location: $30 per week.
Position 3: Your banner on submit page – viewable by everyone who registers a site with us. $40 per week.
Position 4: Replace any other 250 * 250 banner for only $25 per month.

Please note:

Please note the following:

To prevent any delays in your banner appearing it must be submitted in the format:

URL <a href”” title=”replace with your text”>
IMG <src=”your image file location” alt=”replace with your text”></a>

Paypal receipt id must be submitted with every order.

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